Collin Banko

Python Programmer



I/O Technical Assistant, Industrial Light & Magic — January 2017 – Present

Handle ingest of on-set footage while maintaining proper color profiles and format intricacies as media is brought into ILM’s pipeline. Back up production data via LTO-tape based archival pipeline. Supervise storage utilization and employ methodologies to conserve finite data resources. In addition, develop systems and tools to optimize ingest processes in an ever evolving industry of camera and lens configurations, image capturing formats, and developer-facing product APIs.

Render Technical Assistant, Industrial Light & Magic — January 2015 – December 2016

Responsible for ILM's multi-platform renderfarm, ensuring artists and production hit their deadlines by monitoring for and diagnosing issues that may arise during the render process. In addition, develop tools and workflows to advance the capabilities of the render support team, including a system to analyze cross-site resource utilization collated and manipulatable within G Suite apps.

System Support Specialist, Savannah College of Art and Design — March 2013 – May 2014

Responsible for the stable and efficient operations of computing systems in an enterprise environment by reviewing technical problems, troubleshooting operating issues, analyzing data, and identifying objects or events affecting software and hardware operations. In addition, maintain hundreds of Linux-based renderfarm nodes used for Renderman, Maya, and Houdini.

Freelance Website Designer (Owner), Pro Web Creations — November 2004 – November 2009

Contracted by clients to design user-friendly websites from concept to execution using industry-standard coding and design practices.


Savannah College of Art and Design — September 2010 – May 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Effects. Minor in Technical Direction.


Proficiency in Python; focus on user-friendly tools and systems with logical architecture, while maintaining consistent code styling and human-readable, documented code. Language and technology are generally not an issue; flexible in regards to adapting to diverse, complex systems and design patterns.


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